Avon River

1. The Long Pool Wooden Gauge is located right at the start of Long Pool after one emerges from a narrow passage through the trees, not far from the end of Day One of the Avon Descent. It is about 19 km downstream from the Dept. of Water measurements taken at Toodyay. Jimperding Brook enters about 3km upstream of the wooden gauge and there may be other small tributaries as well in the 19 km. Due to the distance between the two locations the correlations may not be exact, but are close enough for our purposes and certainly useful as a general guide.

Unfortunately recent flooding has buried the Long Pool Gauge.

2. The Walyunga Wooden Gauge and the Dept. of Water gauge are much closer, only about a kilometre or so apart, with no significant tributaries in between. Paddling conditions start when the river is above above 0.6 m